osteo clinic sri lanka

what is Osteopathy?

“osteo” means “bones” . osteopathy means to say that the medical system related to bones.American nationalist Dr. Andrew Taylor introduced (“Osteopathy”) to the world in 1872.

what is Healingpathy?

Professor sagara karunathilaka introduced Healingpathy to the world as a mixture of Osteopathy and Sri lankan Traditional treatments. He has been able to cure thousands of patients from countries such as france , German , Norway , Sweden , Greece , Italy , Australia , Canada and America based in England for around 12 years.

osteo clinic sri lanka

Professor Sir. Sagara Karunathilaka PhD ,FRCP,Dip in Psy

osteo clinic sri lanka

I belong to a long line of healers stretching back form time immemorial. Originally from Sri Lanka, I am the successor to an ancestral family of healers. I was born in 1966 and completed my primary and secondary education in Sri Lanka. In 1988 I entered the Open International University for Complimentary Medicines (OIUCM). I was based in the Colombo South, Government University Training Hospital; I graduated with a D. Ac., MSc. Ac (MA) (Medicina Alternativa) in 1995 from the OIUCM. Subsequently, I obtained my FRCP (MA) (Fellowship of the Royal Complementary Practitioners (Medicina Alternativa)) qualification in 2001. Altogether I have successfully treated approximately 30,000 patients since 1989 by using my integrated healing methods. I have treated widely deemed incurable diseases such as paralysis, arthritis, cancer, Parkinson’s, migraine, back problems, mental disorders and number of other conditions. Through my unique healing methods I have proved that there are no incurable diseases and practically demonstrated the power of my integrated healing methods by curing those patients completely. I came to the UK in December 2000 and since then I have been working voluntarily with the Princess Royal Trust in London, and at Stockton Carers Resource Centre, Teesside, and in general, providing my healing services to people from all walks of life. I was recognised by Stockton Voluntary Development Agency in 2003 and 2005 consecutively for my voluntary services to the community. I have been appointed as Volunteer Practitioner in Healingpathy at Teesside University Hospital since May 2006, and associated lecturer for Healingpathy at Weston Reserve University (B.C., Canada.) 

I completed my Ph.D. in Integrated Complimentary Medicine in 2003 at the OIUCM whilst in the UK. I researched a variety of healing methods during the course of my studies towards obtaining my Ph.D. This work paved the way in founding my new healing discipline: “Healingpathy Healing Science”. This involved extracting the essence of all of my previous individual therapy methods and practical healing experience, and distilling them into one cohesive healing formula, which can be described as a natural healing method harmonising nature and the body without using any conventional medicine. I have been awarded the most prestigious award in the UK, The Knight Commander of the Commonwealth, nominated by the Weston Reserve University, for founding “Healingpathy Healing Science”. Healingpathy has also been nominated for a Queen’s Award for voluntary service–2006. I have been awarded a Citation in Natural Health and Spiritual Science by the Weston Reserve University – 2007. I have written three volumes relating to Healingpathy namely, “Healingpathy Healing Science”, “ Buddhist Healing Power” and “ Musti Yoga Science” which I intend to use in imparting my unique healing science to future generations. In furtherance, I have introduced a cassette tape called “Heal yourself” which contains self-affirming auto-suggestions. As a hobby I started following martial arts from an early age and mastered the techniques, achieving the highest grade in Shoto Kan at the age of 33. I was trained and awarded 8th Dan Black Belt from the International University of Martial Arts in Japan. I founded a new martial art called “Guru Kai” and new Yoga Science called “Musti Yoga” during my research with these self-defence techniques. My other ambition is to create an environment in which all can prosper, especially those who are less fortunate members of society. I am interested in teaching people how to harness the miraculous power of the mind which we all possess, instilling in them Healingpathy’s physical, social, mental and spiritual ethos, and encouraging them to share its benefits with others.