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Bone Science

which cures ailments related to spine code without taking medicines or surgical operations.

four in five people have back problems which result in millions of pounds being spent on pain killers each year. this is the most common reason that people take time off work in every country. this in turn creates stress, leading to many other physical problems which impact quality of life.


A whole body treatment (healing therapy) can be a wonderfully nourishing and relaxing experience, good for body and soul. The overall benefits of therapy include a stimulated central nervous system, improved blood circulation, relaxed muscles, a general sense of well being throughout the whole body. It also gives a peaceful, relaxed and positive mind and it is a great way of maintaining good health. This is the perfect tool for easing mental stress, which would otherwise be instrumental in causing serious long-term illnesses such as depression, anxiety, physical disorders (for example back and joint pains) and many chronic diseases. Through the healing treatment it is possible to help promote a better quality of health, wisdom, happiness and longevity. A healthy and active body quite naturally leads to weight loss, a youthful complexion and greater mental agility. In an age where many are under pressure in highly stressful lifestyles, where even allopathic medical science is struggling to find a permanent cure for many diseases, it gives us great pleasure to introduce our healing science. “Suwapathy” is Sanskrit and Sinhalese for “healing treatment”.

osteo clinic sri lanka

some of the problems that are treatable

back pain
osteo clinic sri lanka Sciatica
osteo clinic sri lanka Paralysis
shoulder pain
osteo clinic sri lanka shoulder pain
neck pain
osteo clinic sri lanka neck pain
osteo clinic sri lanka athritis
back pain
osteo clinic sri lanka Sciatica
osteo clinic sri lanka Scoliocis
osteo clinic sri lanka migrane
osteo clinic sri lanka shoulder pain
osteo clinic sri lanka Sciatica
osteo clinic sri lanka prof steve

Comment of Prof STEVE RUSSEL

it is with great pride that i am involved with this project which is unique in the exceptionally high success rates with patients that would. otherwise just have to put up with their problems or otherwise be subjected to risky surgery or other medical procedures on a permanent basis.the success is down to a great team of professionals headed by incomparable Prof. Sagara Karunathilaka


testimonial from Dr Vindya Rajakaruna

testimonial from Dr thilini Dayarathna

“What a truly amazing & beautiful experience! After two treatments I feel so different, after chronicheadaches for many months they have gone which means I feel happier, less anxious, more positive about life and full of energy. My face and skin look amazing too – 10 years younger! I want to go and tell the world about you and I will! I feel truly honoured to know you…”
osteo clinic sri lanka
“Dear Dr Sagara, I am so grateful that you are helping me with your wonderful gift of holistic healing which relieves me of the stress I encounter with coping with my husband’s dementia. I look forward so much to my weekly treatment as it is playing such a beneficial part of my life, especially as you are also helping my husband with his memory problem. I do hope you will be able to stay in our area, as no pills or medicine can replace your ability to give comfort and happiness…”
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Owner at Honey Bee Creative
“In 1984 I suffered a sub-arachnoids brain haemorrhage that resulted in me becoming paralysed down the left side of my body. Through various treatments, good medical care and pure determination, I have regained a good percentage of the use of my left hand side but I have not, however, seen any improvement for the last couple of years…That is, until I was introduced to Dr Sagara Karunathilaka by a friend. I have been receiving healing treatment from Dr Sagara for the last four weeks and in that time I have experienced a dramatic improvement in the movement of my left hand and also in my total well being…I fully intend to keep up the treatment with Dr Sagara and I have no hesitation in recommending him to any persons in similar circumstances to myself.”
osteo clinic sri lanka
“Sir Dr. Sagara has successfully treated me for back injury, sciatica and psoriasis. After about ten years of back pain, caused by a pulled back and additional work-related back injuries, I am delighted to say that due to Sir Sagara’s most ingenious Science of Healingpathy, my back has been successfully cured. Since Sir Sagara has commenced treatment, there has been a noticeable improvement in my complexion as well as the scalp. He is the most dedicated doctor I have met and also the most concerned about the health and well being of his patient…”
osteo clinic sri lanka