“Dear Dr Sagara, I am so grateful that you are helping me with your wonderful gift of holistic healing which relieves me of the stress I encounter with coping with my husband’s dementia. I look forward so much to my weekly treatment as it is playing such a beneficial part of my life, especially as you are also helping my husband with his memory problem. I do hope you will be able to stay in our area, as no pills or medicine can replace your ability to give comfort and happiness…”


“My work as a TV camera operator has its wear and tear on the body in particular for me, the lower back. Having had occasions where my back became too painful to work, or even stand or walk I consulted chiropractors in the area I was resident at the time, both were able to relieve the symptoms though I was advised I should continue on a regular basis as a preventative measure. After meeting Dr Sagara through mutual friends, initially to train in traditional Sri Lankan martial arts, I took my back problem to him – as I had again been experiencing lower back and sciatic pain. I attended three sessions with Dr Sagara over a period of a few weeks, and was both relieved and pleasantly surprised at how strong my back felt afterwards. Additionally Dr Sagara has helped greatly in showing me the necessary exercises I need to do in order to keep my back strong and because of these and the initial treatments I received, my back remains in good condition to this day. My treatments from Dr Sagara were almost two years ago now. I put the success of the treatment down to the knowledge Dr Sagara applies through his treatment, and I have consequently recommended others to him as I feel he is both genuine and deeply committed to his practice…”


“Sir Dr. Sagara has successfully treated me for back injury, sciatica and psoriasis. After about ten years of back pain, caused by a pulled back and additional work-related back injuries, I am delighted to say that due to Sir Sagara’s most ingenious Science of Healingpathy, my back has been successfully cured. Since Sir Sagara has commenced treatment, there has been a noticeable improvement in my complexion as well as the scalp. He is the most dedicated doctor I have met and also the most concerned about the health and well being of his patient…”


“I had a car accident a week ago and suffered quite severe whiplash and internal bruising and after just two treatments, Dr Sagara has helped me to overcome the extreme pain I was suffering . With his therapy my bruising has also disappeared within a week. Usually my bruises take a few months to fade away…”


“I came to you after I had undergone surgery for a new hip joint, when I was experiencing some pain in my back, due no doubt to prolonged use of a walking stick. The new joint was also causing me some pain. Thanks to your treatment I find that I can go for longer periods without the aid of a walking stick. I have no back pain and I have returned to my martial arts practice in a very short time . In fact I have surprised myself by being able to take break falls now. Thank you so much for my continuing good health…”


“I have had several treatments by Dr Sagara Karunathilaka. I went to see him feeling low in energy, depressed, and in a lot of back pain. I have had a recurring back problem for 12 years. After each treatment I began to feel better but after several treatments I felt like a new person. Much more positive in myself, with more energy, and my back pain has all but disappeared. I recommend him highly to anyone seeking treatment.” “The first treatment I received left me feeling very positive and I saw improvements in my wellbeing immediately. In particular my spotty complexion has improved greatly. I did have a recurring ear infection which has caused me problems for nine years. The ear used to become completely blocked on a regular basis and I would require medication from my GP to rectify. The ear has not caused me any problems since you began treating me…”


I had been very debilitated or 10 weeks after having a prolapsed disc. Taking many pain killers but still very uncomfortable. Dr. Sagara gave me one treatment and the following day I felt I wanted to dance up the corridor at home. There is something quite amazing about your touch and mind.

JEM, WHITBY, 02.09.09

I have been going to see Dr Karunathilaka for treatments for the past 3 months, weekly whenever possible. I saw him initially due to a history of back problems recently worsened by carrying our baby around a lot, but more for a low immune system and exhaustion. I kept getting colds and stomach bugs and felt generally very low. Each treatment has been extremely relaxing and nourishing to body and soul. As the treatments went on I started to feel a real difference in my attitude to my health. Where I used to feel very negative and almost that poor health and exhaustion were to be expected, I now feel much more positive and energised. Although I still get tired (having a toddler who wouldn’t!?) I feel completely different to when I started the treatments. My back has improved as well with much less pain and I feel much stronger generally. I can’t recommend Dr Karunathilaka highly enough. His treatments are soothing and relaxing and his approach, one of promoting positive thinking, is amazing! I never would have believed I could have changed this much in myself. The potential for healing ourselves with positivity is incredible and he is extremely accomplished and skilled at encouraging this Thank you Sagara


My wife & I take the pleasure to thank you for being so kind & your Healingpathy treatments which help both of us a lot. I have noted significant benefits since beginning these treatments. Before trying your treatments, i was discouraged by the doctors saying my back pain is incurable & it is related to my birth. But I ‘m so grateful that you assured me with your wonderful gift of holistic healing & look forward for my weekly treatment. My wife feel more happier & full of energy after your treatment. She ignored her migraine, back-pain, sleeplessness & sinusitis until she collapsed on her work place and taken for emergency treatment for her severe migraine attack. We both are obliged to thank you for your hard work & to your wife Geetha, she has been great support to you in your kind & noble provision.


After discussing with Dr Sagara my many years of ill health and current medication, he began to treat me on a weekly basis at his clinic.Dr. Sagara’s treatments have had a profound impact on my health and well being. He has taught me how to deeply relax which help me enormously during my day to day life. I experience far less pain now and can cope far better with my illness.My friends and family have remarked on well I look-my skin and complexion are much better. I feel much more positive, in control and energised. My body feels stronger and healthier than it has for a very long time. Thank you Dr. Sagara.


I came to Dr Sagara with a Back, Shoulder, Neck and knee complaint. I didn’t really know what to expect from the treatment and was pleasantly surprised at the results. My back and neck pain was alleviated after the initial treatment. I wish to continue further treatment for the other ailments.


I came in pain with keen. Had five treatments and acupuncture with Dr. Sagara, which was a great helped and I am a different person, free of pain and my sinus is marvellous.


After discussing with Dr Sagara my many years of ill health and current medication, he began to treat me with acupuncture on a weekly basis at his clinic. Dr Sagara’s treatments have had a profound effect on my health and well being. He has taught me how to deeply relax which helps me enormously during my day to day life. I experience far less pain now and can cope far better with my illness. My friends and family have remarked on how well I look – my skin and complexion are much better. I feel more positive, in control and energised. My body feels stronger and healthier than it has for a very long time.


“What a truly amazing & beautiful experience! After two treatments I feel so different, after chronicheadaches for many months they have gone which means I feel happier, less anxious, more positive about life and full of energy. My face and skin look amazing too – 10 years younger! I want to go and tell the world about you and I will! I feel truly honoured to know you…”


“Dr Sagara is a Miracle worker. I have had a lower back problem since 1974(30 years). I took painkillers and attended my Doctor but there wasn’t anything that could be done to alleviate my symptoms, I just had to grin and bear it. I used a big bandage or scarf tied tight around my middle and this helped me go to work. Later on I bought myself a big wide belt which weight lifters use. This helped immensely when I was suffering with my back pain and enabled me to continue my work in the construction industry. I also had a twitch or tic in my toe on my left foot. When I was sitting or laying in bed the twitch would start involuntarily and my foot would jerk this would also occur through the night waking me from sleep. This again would have to run its course as no matter what I did I couldn’t stop it. However last year I was fortunate enough to meet with Professor Dr. Sagara Karunathilaka. I had a consultation with him and he could help me. After a couple of sessions my ache started to subside and the twitch in my foot has never returned. Now I feel great and I can do many things I thought I would never be able to do again. He has given me a whole new positive outlook on life through educating me into eating the right kinds of foods, which are inexpensive, found in most shops or supermarkets. I have learnt breathing techniques and ways to relax if I get uptight. I am also grateful to this man for using his gift on me; without him I would still be suffering aches, pains and the twitch…”


“I had been practically unwell for nearly thirty years. All those years I had been taking anti-depression drugs…My circulation had so deteriorated that it could not be reversed; therefore I had to live with it for rest of my life…I then met Prof. Dr. Sagara Karunathilaka, through recommendation I had continued period of Healingpathy healing treatment. Now I am writing to express thanks to doctor for the wonderful work he has done in curing me. He did not agree the doctors’ conclusion and said that he could cure me, after months of hard work he has done so…I think he would be able to help many people in the community and also nationwide…Now I am age of 80, yet have been driving and leading healthy life where I can support my wife…”


“I feel obliged to thank you …for being so kind to let me experience your healing method. It might have been only two treatments but it made me feel revitalized: I got relaxed, I felt an overflow of good energy and somehow clear of bad thoughts and worries. Something that proved to be very helpful with my life and work as a journalist. I hope that there are many people who could have the chance of taking your Healingpathy treatment and benefit from it and see their life change for the better…”


“In 1984 I suffered a sub-arachnoids brain haemorrhage that resulted in me becoming paralysed down the left side of my body. Through various treatments, good medical care and pure determination, I have regained a good percentage of the use of my left hand side but I have not, however, seen any improvement for the last couple of years…That is, until I was introduced to Dr Sagara Karunathilaka by a friend. I have been receiving healing treatment from Dr Sagara for the last four weeks and in that time I have experienced a dramatic improvement in the movement of my left hand and also in my total well being…I fully intend to keep up the treatment with Dr Sagara and I have no hesitation in recommending him to any persons in similar circumstances to myself.”


“I have been taking treatment for the following sicknesses from Professor Sagara Karunathilaka since 2004. 1) I was suffering from a backache since 2001 2) When I walk my legs were paining and time to time feel num in my thighs. 3)I am overweight 4) Due to above lot of stress and mentally feeling not well…After start taking treatment now I am feeling very much better and more relax. My backache is completely cured. I can walk without getting any pain. Thigh area numbness is getting better…I continue to get therapy treatment for it…”


“I wish to recommend …Sagara Karunathilaka as a practitioner for alternative therapy. I have had treatments from him for osteo-arthritis and am able to walk and bend my knee without any pain – in just three treatments.”


“Dr Sagara introduced to us by our relatives. He has been of more help to us than anyone we know. His treatment has helped our family with issues such as sinusitis, back pains and stress without having to take any medicines. My son has had duchenne muscular dystrophy since birth which is a physical disability where the muscles waste away, Dr Sagara has helped him relax his muscles which makes him feel a lot better…”


“Though I did not have any illness, Prof. Dr. Sagara’s Healingpathy Treatment gave me the following benefits/rewards. 1) Reduce level of stress at work and at home. 2) Positive approach to problems. 3) Feel more confident. 4) Reduce after work fatigue. 5) Disappearance of on and off headache completely.”


“I am a registered dance movement therapist …having experienced the following… Alexander technique feldenkrais..rosen method, cranio-sacral therapy, aromatherapy and reiki. I…give my subjective opinion based on a one hour-long treatment received….I was not suffering any particular complaint apart from a general lethargy and tiredness. Sagara has an easy and very approachable manner and puts one at ease very quickly. He invited me to lie on a couch on my front and proceeded to work on my feet. His touch was both light and firm as and when necessary as he made contact with my legs and back and arms. He comes across to me as a skilled and knowledgeable practitioner of bodywork based on a system, which I understand he learned through an oral tradition passed on from seven generations within his healing family. I understand his family were traditional healing doctors to the royal family in Sri Lanka where he comes from. Having worked on my back he asked me to turn over and worked on my front including my head and face. He arranged for relaxing music to play while I was being treated. On a previous occasion he provided me with a tape, which had his voice providing me with a guided visualisation exercise, which I found very helpful. Based on the evidence I can obtain from one treatment I liked his manner, his professionalism and his skill in identifying that there were no under-lying problems apart from a general over-arching tiredness, which his treatment helped to alleviate as I remember sleeping very well indeed that night.”


A very unique experience to be treated in this way, I feel rejuvenated when I leavethe treatment room. My back feels better, but I know not to strain it too much with hard physical work which caused the problem to start off with.


My neck is much better and my back is not so stiff. I feel much better than before my treatment started. Thank you Dr. Sagara


To: Prof. Dr. Sagara Karunathilaka How can I express in words how I feel before we met Professor Sagara & Geetha. Both my husband and I felt that we would never feel any better. Jack was popping pill after pill & feeling no better, (perhaps worse). In a few shot weeks I can see a big change-he has started smiling & joking again. As for me, for the first time in years I can stand straight. It is a wonderful feeling no pain anymore in my back. The Only pain now is in my right leg & feels positive that it will soon go. Jack & I are two different people. Now looking forward to the future & it is all thanks to you. On an again thanks you both we owe you so much.