Find the cause

Initial examination or screening carried out to diagnose the cause. This will help the Practitioner to guide the patient to overcome their health disorders. Going through the medical history is very important during this initial stage.

Pulse Diagnosis

To understand channels within the human body and educate patients in how to balance these channels. Medical History & Physical examination Thorough body examination to determine the causes of the health patient’s health disorders. This depends on the Type of the disorder suffered by the patient.


Effective Listening to the patient is important to gain an understanding of the behaviour and feelings of the patient and to provide relief through Compassion and loving kindness. During this process, the patient has the assurance that he/she is in safe hands and that his/her Confidentiality is protected.

healingpathy treatment

healingpathy neurotherapy

The Human body is a network of inter- connected nervous system. Neurons are the nerve cells which comprise the Nervous system. Neurotherapy can be defined as a treatment applied to the head, which stimulate those Neurons in order to stimulate the nervous system and circulation.

feet treatment

Our feet are complex structures, which support the weight of the whole body above and act as shock absorbers. Treatment brings awareness to our legs and feet to help improve our circulation.

back treatment

The back is the strongest area of the body. All the control mechanisms of our body lie in the vertebral area. Treating the vertebral area increases circulation. This can cure many problems such as: changes in the vertebrae; back ache; muscular pains; aches and strains; aching hips; sciatica; it also helps to improve general mobility and health. This applies to the whole body and to the functioning of the internal organs by affecting the spine and its neural outflow.

the immune system

Explanation would be given to the patient of the importance of the Immune System in able to maintain the good health of our body.

correct breathing therapy

In this session, breathing techniques are explained to the patient in order to gain better practices in relation to their particular condition. This helps to increase the memory and the immune system of the body.

face treatment

Facial treatment works with the facial nerves, improving general circulation and therefore maintaining a radiant and youthful complexion, while eliminating wrinkles.

deep relaxation therapy

Educating the patient in relaxation techniques in order to help restore harmony between mind, body and immune system.

positive thinking

The success of all our actions depends on positive thoughts. The patient learns how to develop positive thoughts and how to become self-confident. This is practitioner-led.


Confidence is built to develop the patient’s Self- confidence, Self-improvement and Self- esteem in order to enjoy a long healthy life.

nutrition science

Introduce healthy eating habits.

preventing education

Educate the patient in how to lead a long healthy life by following an appropriate life style.