from England to Sri Lanka

Bone Science

which cures ailments related to spine code without taking medicines or surgical operations.

four in five people have back problems which result in millions of pounds being spent on pain killers each year. this is the most common reason that people take time off work in every country. this in turn creates stress, leading to many other physical problems which impact quality of life.

testimonial from Dr thilini Dayarathna

testimonial from Dr Vindya Rajakaruna

Comment of Prof STEVE RUSSEL

it is with great pride that i am involved with this project which is unique in the exceptionally high success rates with patients that would. otherwise just have to put up with their problems or otherwise be subjected to risky surgery or other medical procedures on a permanent basis.the success is down to a great team of professionals headed by incomparable Prof. Sagara Karunathilaka

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